Solar Geyser

Palcofon (Pty) Ltd was established in 2011 and since diverted to Energy Efficiency mentality in 2018. Palcofon is 100% Black owned. B-BBEE Level 1 with 35% Woman, 40% Male youth and 25% Black. Palcofon is fully South Africa owned and fast growing. Palcofon has already extended their existence in other African countries through partnering with local citizens.

The drivers’ of maximum energy efficiency products was given birth by the unavoidable and continuous energy cost increase. The fact that the consumers has no control over the rising costs of energy and little product knowledge. Palcofon research concluded that the end users have no idea regarding the solution to the ever-rising costs of electricity.


ASSET FINANCE: the need for Funding was triggered by the need for developing countries with no access to funding, food security challenges, poverty in AFRICA and lack of healthy living conditions in other areas of AFRICA. Palcofon’s value and vision is embedded in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Through the intervention implementation of Palcofon solutions, we typically save customers a minimum of 50% of their current energy charges (costs) whilst significantly improving light levels, efficiency, ensuring OHS compliance, increasing productivity, decreasing budget constraints and minimising maintenance costs.

We are fully committed to the laws and bylaws of every country we operate in. Our clients benefit from the warranty of our products and enjoy peace of mind. We are innovative, Technologically sophisticated and solution driven.